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IT Consulting


  • “What Will you do for my Company?”
    We take a business, function, project or situation from where it is now to where it has to get to. We then hand it back. During that time, we take responsibility for whatever has to be done and whatever happens.
  • “How do interim assignments start?”
    Once there is agreement in principle, we will confirm a contract containing the general scope of responsibility and objectives (i.e. what by when). Sometimes the first part of the assignment is to review the situation and then confirm a scope and objectives, this is normally done within 10 days. The scope may evolve (by client agreement) as the assignment progresses. Scope is sometimes documented, sometimes not, but the understanding is always clear.
  • “What is the typical communications process during interim assignments?”
    We report as if a part of the business and fit in with whatever is required. Typically (as a minimum) we will report what has been done and what will be done; this gives a clear picture of progress, achievement and issues arising.
  • “How do Consultancy Assignments Work?”
    Once a scope of the consultancy has been agreed, based upon our drafted offer that defines scope and responsibilities, we will proceed with developing the deliverables that will be typically contained in a report and presented to our clients. The deliverables are typically provided against an agreed schedule.
  • “Are interim assignments always part time?
    No. Some assignments start full time but as they complete become increasingly part time. This provides continuity whilst controlling the cost. Some assignments are always part time and we often run two assignments side by side
  • “How are Interim Assignments paid for?”
    We charge by the day and half-day against agreed daily rates, plus direct expenses. The direct expenses usually include hotel and travel costs. Typically, the days worked and expenses incurred are reported and invoiced on a monthly basis.
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